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We create organic, healthy and honestly manufactured products suitable for all consumers of all ages.

Fast thinking, Smart Products & Free Living

We turn nature into a new way of empowering the human body.
We understand the essential habits for fast living with high standards.
This makes our products a highly competitive option in the market in a real and conscious way.


Business Model


Natural Partner

We make 100% investment in product development and production, brand creation, maintenance of e-commerce platforms, logistics, and operations required to achieve optimal performance and business growth under a joint venture model.

We have in our product portfolio our own lines, these are promoted by influencers who are aligned with the brand's characteristics.

This business model is based on a percentage of the sales generated from their promotion.

Natural Network

In this mode, we operate as advisors and suppliers according to the customer's requirements to carry out the development and production of products, creation of the brand, maintenance of

e-commerce platforms, logistics and operations required to achieve optimal functioning and growth of the business.

Natural Supplier




Jailyne Ojeda



Arturo Vidal


Vanessa Arias


Nia Isaza

Active Nature

Activating formulas by nature, products designed to optimize the functioning of the body, the immune system and the mind.

We work on formulas for children, adolescents and adults looking for the best performance in a safe and natural way.

Three steps
to success


Our process starts by understanding the needs of a changing world with diverse audiences. Based on that, we develop high-impact products and select the suitable platforms for their commercialization.

Market Research

Serves to inform business decisions.

Creation of new products and formulas.

Product Development

Sales across multiple Ecommerce platforms.

Omnichannel Sales


At Natural Factory, we are committed to the mission of providing natural products that improve the quality of life, health and wellbeing of humans.

We also strive to respect the environment and minimize the impact of our products on the planet.

To achieve our goals, we have 7 Partner Laboratories in the United States to create innovative formulas that are safe and effective for our customers. Our products are created with the highest quality natural ingredients and undergo rigorous quality checks before reaching the market.


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